Patch Editor Plus This   upgrade   is   for   older   PEs   prior   to   s/n   1514   and   will   give   them   a   new   faster   cpu   with   added   memory.   This   allows   the   older   PE   hardware   to   support   the   full number of tables the newer PEs do with room for any future tables. There   are   two   variants   of   the   PE   Plug   upgrade.   There   is   one   for   PEs   that   have   the   cpu   mounted   on   the   upper   side   of   the   board      (s/n   1134   and   lower)   and   one for the PEs that have the cpu on the lower side (s/n 1135-1513). There is no soldering required as the PE Plus board plugs into the existing cpu socket.
Kiwitechnics Patch Editor
PE PLUS Upgrade Price is US$105 + freight (s/n 1000-1134) PE PLUS Upgrade Price is US$99 + freight (s/n 1135-1513) Freight and packaging cost are US$54 (USA), US$47(EU,ASIA),US$22(Australia) via NZ Post Economy Courier (tracked*) Currency conversion can be done using * Tracking is available to USA, UK & Most of Europe - for other destinations please contact.
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