Kiwi-106 Upgrade
The Kiwi106 Upgrade features:- 512 Patches can be stored and edited. 128 Factory Patches are preloaded. Patches are stored in Flash memory so no battery is required. Bend Controls (DCO, VCF Bend, LFO Mod Level & Portamento) are stored with the Patch MidiCC & Sysex support for all parameters and Midi Sysex support for Patch Dump & Load NRPN & Sysex variable parameter control supports 12 bit for 4096 parameter steps Patch Editor Control of Parameters (PE firmware v5.2 or higher). Key Assign Modes are Poly I&II, Unison Legato & Staccato, Mono Legato & Staccato Pedal & Front Panel Button Note Hold modes Portamento in all modes DCO Key Assign Detune available in all key modes except mono Internal Master Clock that can be used to clock the Arp, Sequence and/or Pattern and can optionally generate a midi clock. Master Clock options are Internal, External or Midi. Two independent envelope generators. Each ENV Mod can select from ENV 1 or 2 and be Inverted or Normal Two independent Low Frequency Oscillators with 6 waveforms each. LFO2 random2 wave can be clocked from the Internal clock. Each LFO Mod can select from LFO 1 or 2. LFOs can be plus and minus base note or plus base note only. Each LFO Mod can be inverted. Aftertouch, Modulation Level and Dynamics via midi. Dynamics can optionally control the VCA and/or VCF. The Dynamics have been modeled on the Juno-2 with both the VCF & VCA mod turned on by default for a more natural and expressive play. This brings new life to every patch in the Kiwi-106. Arp/Seq/Pattern Clocks can optionally display on the KeyT LED and LFO 1 and LFO 2 clocks can optionally display on the Group lights Key transpose allows transposition to any key with a range of plus 2 or minus 1 octaves. Sequencer key can be shifted while playing Can be fitted to HS-60, Juno-106S or Juno-106 models. This needs a keyboard mount to be removed but this will not effect the synth. Comes with metal Label CHORD MODE Any chord with up to 6 notes can be set and played from any key ARPEGGIATOR The Arpeggiator can be independently divided from the Master Clock. Clock divide options are Half Note, Quarter Note, 1/8 Note, 1/8 Note Half Swing, 1/8 Note Full Swing, 1/8 Note Triplets, 1/16 Note, 1/16 Note Half Swing, 1/16 Note Full Swing, 1/16 Note Triplets, 1/32 Note, 1/32 Note Triplets, 1/64 Note. Arp modes are Up, Down, Up and Down, Random, As Played, 1 to 3 octaves Arp can be Started, Stopped & Continued using Midi Commands Arp state is saved with a Patch. This allows the Arp to play automatically when a Patch is loaded Appeggiator will Output Midi Data SEQUENCER 8 separate 124 Max step Polyphonic sequences can be created and stored Sequences can be edited Sequencer can be Started, Stopped & Continued using Midi Commands The Sequencer can be independently divided from the Master Clock. Clock options are Half Note, Quarter Note, 1/8 Note, 1/8 Note Half Swing, 1/8 Note Full Swing, 1/8 Note Triplets, 1/16 Note, 1/16 Note Half Swing, 1/16 Note Full Swing, 1/16 Note Triplets, 1/32 Note, 1/32 Note Triplets, 1/64 Note. Sequence state is saved with a Patch. This allows the Sequencer to load and play automatically when a Patch is loaded Sequencer will Output Midi Data and can have an independent midi channel Sequencer has play options that include One shot, Keydown play, Auto Transpose, Auto Complete PATTERN GENERATOR 8 Pattern Generator patterns can be saved and edited. The pattern can be any length between 2 and 16 steps The Pattern Generator can use the Arp or Seq clocks. Pattern Generator can be Started, Stopped & Continued using Midi Commands Pattern Effect can be faded from no effect to full effect. Pattern state is saved with a Patch. This allows the Pattern Generator to load and play automatically when a Patch is loaded REVIEW An independent review from Sonicstate can be found here .
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Roland Juno-106 Service Manual
Demo of the Kiwi-106 Arp in action. The Arp sound is factory Group 1 Bank 4 Patch 7 set to Unison with a touch of Detune. The rest of the sounds are all made on the Kiwi-106 and recorded with no effects
It's   been   a   long   two   years   to   keep   things   quiet,   but   it's   time   for   Kiwitechnics   and   Psicraft   Designs   to   let   everyone   in   on   the   big   big   secret:   Kiwi-106 is now shipping! Guided   by   such   gear   luminaries   as   Dave   Lovelace   (the   creator/author   of   Keyboard   magazine's   Packrat   comic)   and   the   YouTube   channel   Juno-106 expert   Syntegrator,   Kiwitechnics   and   Psicraft   have   brought   this   beloved   synth   classic   out   of   the   80s   and   put   it   where   it   belongs:   The   heart   of your 21st century studio. An   expanded   synthesis   architecture   with   dual   envelopes   and   multi-waveform   LFOs      is   only   the   tip   of   the   creative   possibilities   that   any   Juno-106 can   now   possess.   Comprehensive   routing   of   controls,   high   resolution   parameters,   and   eight   groups   of   64   patches   expand   the   Juno-106's synthesis   capability   many   times   over,   but   we're   not   done   yet.   Add   in   a   six   voice   polyphonic   124   step   sequencer   and   a   pattern   generator   to   the mix   and   Juno-106   becomes   a   new   class   of   instrument.   Now   design   and   implement   a   totally   modern   MIDI   implementation   suited   for   modern stage   and   studios   and   provide   a   free   Vyzex   professional   instrument   Windows   editor/librarian   along   with   the   price   of   admission   and   what   do   you have? Modern Brains and Vintage Brawn, baby. The Kiwi-106!
its totally awesome ---i running it through a Boss delay (RSD-10) ----it just sounds incredible - Dave - NZ Mate this is amazing! I've never come across software and hardware working so well together and I've played with quite a few software editors for a few digital synths I've had, mostly with great disappointment but there is no noticeable latency between moving something on the software and the hardware updating. Just wanted to say congrats, awesome work. Can't wait to play with this some more. Greg - NZ I'm loving the KIWI kit, it's insanely awesome! Love it. This mod does push it into Jupiter class, I have owned a JP-4 and JP-8 before, so I speak from being a owner. It really reminds me of the JP-4 when I set the voice detune to a low setting in poly mode, almost spot on in ways. Jamie - USA Not had time to test further, but my initial thoughts are WOW this is such a great improvement on the humble 106! It makes it into much more of a synth, along the lines of the jupiter 4/6 I think!  And I own a JP-4 with the IO midi kit ;) Steve - UK You have launched the Juno into the stratosphere. Already got some great patches going. Simon I just installed my KIWI 106 and its truly amazing.  Turns it into a whole different instrument. Congratulations. Its pretty amazing. As a compulsive modifier I often stand in front of my Juno thinking "this is great, but why didn’t they just put and arp and second envelope in this thing?" so its awesome to see someone bring that and much more to life. Nick - USA Other than this minor issue [a bad fader in his 106], this upgrade has been most incredible. I think I zoned out playing arps on my kiwi 106 for like two hours straight yesterday. And the actual installation was a breeze! Sam - USA What you done is absolutely great. It looks and sounds so fantastic. Hans - Norway I am a proud owner of a Kiwi-106 and cannot thank You guys enough. Mike I have been using your kiwi-106 update for my Juno installed by This is the best of the best hardware synth upgrade ever. I love it. Gyula - Hungary I love the new juno sounds the juno is now an absolute synth beast with the kiwi mod, a kiwi beast! Nick - USA I bought your Juno 106 upgrade and it is AMAZING! Telling all my friends about it... Caroline - USA Received kiwi 106 last week and installed it. I think I lost 4 days exploring the machine. It is a credit to you. Thanks very much. Dave - Ireland
Also supports the 106S & HS-60***
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