KiwiTechnics FAQ
Can the PG-200 be used with the Kiwi3P Matrix upgrade? Yes. The Kiwi-3P Matrix has a small dedicated cpu that reads the PG-200 output. Can the PG-200 be used with the Kiwi3P upgrade? No.   The   PG-200   method   of   sending   data   is   non-standard   and   has   proven   to   cause   issues   as   the   Kiwi3P   upgrade   dealt   with   it.   This   support   has   been removed in the PE & 3P firmware and hardware. I cannot get the Edit or Write buttons to work. The   memory   protect   switch   must   be   set   to   ‘OFF’.   This   is   located   on   the   rear   of   most   synths.   The   Edit   or   Write   buttons   will   flash   all   the   Tones   lights   or   display an error and will not allow a write to be made when the memory is protected. Can the Matrix 6 be used with the Patch Editor? Yes.   The   6   has   an   unfinished   sysex   that   does   not   allow   for   complete   parameter   control.   This   is   explained   in   the   user   manual.   Every   parameter   we   could   get working is now covered with the M6r patch. Ableton Live will not record or pass midi on some synths? Ableton Live does not record or pass Sysex codes. Any synth that uses sysex cannot be used with this software and the PE. I tried to upload a new program file to a Kiwitechnics product and it freezes during the Program File upload? The   Program   file   is   a   large   file   and   if   the   buffer   size   and   midi   hardware   combination   is   not   correct   all   the   file   will   not   be   sent   to   the   PE   or   upgrade.   If   you   are using   MidiOX   then   try   reducing   the   Buffer   size   to   64   or   less   and   add   a   small   packet   delay. About   100mS   should   be   enough.   This   will   cause   MidiOX   to   send the   file   slower   so   your   hardware   may   keep   up   better.   The   PE   and   upgrades   can   keep   up   with   full   speed   but   many   midi   interfaces   cannot.   Not   all   midi interfaces have been tested but if it cost $10 it probably will not work well. With midi interfaces what you get for what you pay seems to apply. Interfaces   we   know   work,   have   used   and   tested   here   are   MOTU   Microlite   (can   sometimes   hang   needing   repowering),   Roland   Calkwalk   UM-2G   and   Midiman Midisport 2x2. The Patch Editor has odd behaviour after an update Try clearing the working memory in the PE by pressing XMOD as you power on, then select YES.