The KiwiSix Upgrade features:- A complete replacement board for the troubled Korg Polysix KLM-367 circuit board. These are usually battery damaged which can be difficult and expensive to repair and render the synth unusable. 512 Tones can be stored and edited. 64 Tones come preloaded. It is also possible to temporarily edit any Tone. Tones are selected using a two button system. The first button selects the high digit (bank 1-8) and the second button the low digit (Tone 1-8). This allows 64 tones (1-1 to 8-8) on any bank group. There are 8 bank groups that are selected using the A-D bank buttons. MidiCC and Sysex support all parameters. Sysex support for Tone Dump & Load and 4096 step parameter control. NRPN support on all variable controls giving 4096 step control. Release 1.20+ 4096 step scanning on all front panel controls. Optional Fine midi control using sysex or NRPN (v1.20+) on all variable controls. Midi In & Out Channels can be separately set. Patch Editor Control of Parameters (requires PE v 5.0 or later) Two styles of Polyphonic (7th note override or 7th note ignored) and Last note priority Unison Key Assign Modes Pedal & Front Panel Button Note Hold modes. Note - using a hold pedal requires a small hardware mod and details are in the user manual v3+ Internal Master Clock that can be used to clock the Arp and/or Sequence and can optionally generate a midi clock. Master Clock options are Internal, External or Midi. The external clock input is a hardware override of the internal clock Key transpose allows transposition to any key in a range of 2 Octaves up to 1 Octave down Internet update system. All future updates will be at no charge. The Upgrade comes with a replacement metal plate for the power cord. This plate has an IEC socket for a standard power cord (note - Power cord is not supplied), screws and space to mount the Korg Serial Number plate and midi in and out sockets are mounted. An internal cable is supplied to plug into the KiwiSix Upgrade board for Midi I/O. Optional more reliable power supply using modern components. Installation instructions are supplied and some soldering is required for the Power wires to the replacement plate and two front panel modifications and also the optional Hold Pedal mod. The power supply upgrade will also need some soldering. Full installation instructions are in the User Manual and any parts required will be supplied in the upgrade. Metal KiwiSix Label CHORD MODE Any chord with up to 6 notes can be set and played from any key. ARPEGGIATOR The Arpeggiator can be independently divided from the Master Clock. Clock divide options are Half Note, Quarter Note, 1/8 Note, 1/8 Note Half Swing, 1/8 Note Full Swing, 1/8 Note Triplets, 1/16 Note, 1/16 Note Half Swing, 1/16 Note Full Swing, 1/16 Note Triplets, 1/32 Note, 1/32 Note Triplets, 1/64 Note. Arp modes are Up, Down, Up and Down, Random, As Played, 1 to 3 octaves Arp can be Started, Stopped & Continued using Midi Commands Arp state is saved with a Patch. This allows the Arp to play automatically when a Patch is loaded Appeggiator will Output Midi Data SEQUENCER 8 separate 124 Max step Polyphonic sequences can be created and stored (v3+ only) Sequences can be edited Sequencer can be Started, Stopped & Continued using Midi Commands The Sequencer can be independently divided from the Master Clock. Clock options are Half Note, Quarter Note, 1/8 Note, 1/8 Note Half Swing, 1/8 Note Full Swing, 1/8 Note Triplets, 1/16 Note, 1/16 Note Half Swing, 1/16 Note Full Swing, 1/16 Note Triplets, 1/32 Note, 1/32 Note Triplets, 1/64 Note.
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Got this going on inside your beloved Korg Polysix?
Board Corrosion Notice how it has spread over most of the board
Closeup of track damage Some tracks under the battery have lifted and are also nearly eaten through
Close up of track damage Notice the legs of the ICs and other components are being damaged
Prices  Kiwisix Upgrade is US$295 + Freight Freight is US$54 (USA), US$47(EU,ASIA),US$22(Australia)  (tracked*)  Currency conversion can be done using  Kiwisix Upgrade & Kiwisix Power Upgrade Bundle US$395 + Freight US$58 (USA), US$52(EU,ASIA),US$28(Australia) via NZ Post Economy Courier (tracked*)  Currency conversion can be done using  * Tracking is available to USA, UK & Most of Europe - for other destinations please contact.  Purchase requires a verified Paypal email. Please use the order page to have a Paypal invoice sent to you.
Kiwisix Power Supply Upgrade A   number   of   Polysix’s   that   arrive   at   our   workshop   have   had   extensive   damage   across   multiple   boards.   It   is   our conclusion   that   this   has   been   caused   by   overvoltage   being   applied   to   all   the   boards.   This   can   only   have   come from   the   Power   regulating   board   and   because   of   this   we   no   longer   trust   the   original   power   regulating   circuitry   in the   Polysix.   We   have   developed   the   Kiwisix   Power   Supply   Upgrade   for   the   Polysix   which   uses   modern   voltage regulators   with   built   in   safety   systems.   Because   the   failed   Polysix’s   have   proven   to   be   very   expensive   to   repair with   extensive   chip   failures   throughout   including   the   SSM   chips   we   strongly   recommend   also   fitting   the   Power Upgrade.   This   is   bundled   at   a   discount   as   we   feel   this   is   important.   Note   -   Photo   shows   finished   power   upgrade after the old plugs have been moved over from the existing power board. Noise has been a problem with the Polysix and this power board has an area for running a common ground to each audio board. This significantly quietens the Polysix. Details are in the User Manual. Ferrite clamps have been proven to be a help with noise and these are supplied with the upgrade. This transformer has been used and it runs cooler & quieter then the original Polysix transformer. If your Polysix is running hot or you need to change the voltage (e.g. 110v to 230v) then this will work well.
SSM filter is creamy and sounds good amongst the CEM riot. Tuned, calibrated, and with MIDI, new features, and over 1000 patch storage, this is now a really good studio option. This is the PolySix that Korg SHOULD have made. Jesse - NZ Just got my KiwiSixed Poly 6 back [...] The thing is a beast !  I’d forgotten how good it sounded. Nigel - NZ my Kiwisix has an amazing sound. Yann - France You have now officially surpassed Flight of the Conchords as my favorite thing out of New Zealand !!!!     ;) Coy - USA I am a vintage synth repair tech in the Netherlands. Recently I installed a Kiwisix upgrade for a client and I am deeply impressed by the quality of your product. Jack - Netherlands Just wanted to congratulate you on your excellent KiwiSix replacement CPU board. My PolySix has never been so stable, reliable or sounded better. This will allow me to enjoy the instrument to it's fullest. Many thanks. Graeme - UK I just wanted to tell you that the Kiwisix and Power supply upgrade have been installed, calibrated and tested. This is a really phenomenal upgrade! Real easy to install too! Thanks a lot for making this available. Terje - Norway I'm now up to 58, superb, self-dialled patches. That would have required me digging out two 20 year old cassettes by now to (possibly) back them up otherwise. To further my praise for the kiwisix board, I can't believe I spent time looking at various portamento and vcf routing mods before it arrived, only to discover that "full midi implementation" meant exactly that- who needs mods when all these tweaks can be done by Midi? I'm not a Midi novice by any means, but computer sequencing the polysix is an absolute joy, and that surprised me. Anyway to sum up. You have a very happy customer. I always thought I'd need to get (in my dreams) a Jupiter 8 or similar to get genuine 80s sci-fi film type atmospheres, and despite it's apparent limited capabilities, the Polysix delivers those sounds so well--it's the filter and those effects, that's all I needed. Best purchase I ever made and worth every penny. Liam - UK (Kiwisix Deluxe from Just got the Kiwisix. The kit looks great, and was packed and shipped well. Thank you! Peter - USA I'm proud to say that my sick polysix is now full of mana! You rock man! Programming and modifying presets is now flawless... not mention the huge memory and the midi! wow! Pascal - France Thanks so much for helping me breathe new life into my Poly Six! The CPU upgrade and power supply replacement went smoothly, thanks to your well- documented instructions, and after doing a bunch of re-grounding, the synth is quieter than ever. I interfaced the KiwiSix with my Ensoniq keyboard last night and was successfully playing the Korg via MIDI - what a freeing feeling. This upgrade rocks! Doug - USA Got the kit and installed it this weekend. Working great!:) Thanks for swift handling and a superb midikit! David - Sweden Thank you for an amazing product. My Polysix is now back in business! Pal - Norway I love my kiwisix and patch editor on the MKS-80. Scott - USA
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