KiwiTechnics News
Dec 2021/Jan 2022 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Lets hope 2021 is behind us and 2022 is going to be better. It   looks   like   the   dreaded   Covid   bug   has   sneaked   into   NZ   and   is   here   to   stay   which   is   making   life   more   difficult.   The   new   variant   isn’t   helping   either   and   I   hope   you   all   are staying safe. The latest version of MidiQuest (v12)  supports all the Kiwitechnics upgrade range. The are different levels of editors available depending on your needs. The   last   PE   has   now   been   sold   and   due   to   the   expense   of   bulk   buying   and   difficulty   in   getting   parts   the   Patch   Editor   is   no   longer   going   to   be   made.   This   is   a   sad   day   and   a difficult decision to have to make but the day has come. A   new   kid   on   the   block   has   arrived.   The   Kiwi-3P   Matrix   is   a   completely   new   upgrade   for   the   JX-3P   and   is   not   a   rework   of   the   original   Kiwi-3P.   We   have   looked   at   the   3P hardware   and   now   have   a   full   Pulse   Width   wave   form,   waveform   mixing,   a   dedicated   second   cpu   for   the   PG-200   support,   simpler   button   use   and   much   more   memory   space for tones. This sounds great and transforms the 3P into something much better. The Kiwi-3P will continue to be sold for now. NZ Post have increased all the shipping costs to the USA due to USPS increasing their prices. I have no choice but to pass this on. Parts   prices   are   going   a   bit   nuts   at   the   moment   and   are   much   higher   everytime   I   have   to   buy   something.   This   has   come   a   point   where   I   have   no   choice   but   to increase upgrade prices a small amount.